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Holly Correa has been an educator for over 25 years and holds an MA in educational leadership, as well as a California teaching credential.  Her experience as an ASD mom, combined with her diverse teaching experience provides an excellent foundation of knowledge regarding the subject of autism.  Holly understands first-hand the impact having a special needs child places on the family, and is passionate about finding just the right combination of support so that everyone thrives. Unwinding Autism is her grass-roots project, inspired by the generous outpouring of love from those dedicated to transforming lives for individuals and families facing autism.

David Mitchell

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Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson

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Dr. Temple Grandin

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Dr. Tony Attwood

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Izzy Paskowitz

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Jack Gallagher

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John Elder Robison

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Dr. Lynn Koegel

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Nancy Tarshis

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Alexis Wineman

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Dr. Peter Gerhardt

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Kristen Hardy

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Jenn Lynn

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Dr. Frank Sacco

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Dr. Ed Lein

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